We have not held a meeting on uniforms since Thursday 21st August to discuss the driver’s uniform. However during this meeting several areas were provisionally agreed upon.


1.  The uniform currently being handed out by management may form the core issue and is to be of a formal style. Collection and the wearing of this issue is totally optional

2.  Management have gone away to source both a fleece and lightweight jacket, these along with the core issue may form a casual option.

3.  Should the cab environment become uncomfortable an open collar policy can be adopted.

4.  The current CTL polo shirts are to be phased out over an agreed period. Yet to be agreed.


It has been alledged that a lightweight jacket has been produced, but management seem reluctant to approach the Company Council to move this issue forward. Instead they circumvent us and go direct to Local Reps. Only when management have formally agreed the whole uniform with the Company Council, will we sign it off and advise our membership.