Pay Offer Declined by negotiating team after 4 adjournments during meeting and a counter proposal by staff side.


          6 Days of strike action called following overwhelming support of a Legal Ballot.


          Further talks turned down by ASLEF ??? "thats rich" Management have yet to offer us any further diary date's. 


Management are obviously shocked at our decline of their offer(they want something for nothing). We listen to our members and it is obvious that they feel strongly that the productivity being provided by the driving grade to totaly fund their pay rise this year to be too productivity much for too little gain and certain items are untouchable.

If management had entrered into meaningful negotiations last september when our pay claim was first submitted, however management said they couldnt meet us until at least January 2009 because they were concentrating on the December 2009 TT change.

 We would have expected talks to have concluded in late November/ early December. This would most likely have led to a 3.2% NO STRINGS rise in line with November 2008 RPI, which was running at 3.2%. But NO we had a token meeting in late November and then had to wait until late January 2009.