Outline of your council

The drivers company council is made up of 4 drivers from 4 constituency's from across the company.

  • Northern: Neville Hill (Darren Caslin).
  • Eastern: Boston, Lincoln, Norwich and Nottingham (Dave Plumb).
  • Central: Derby (Andy Botham).
  • Southern: London St Pancras (Rebekah Peterson).

Company council representatives are elected for a 3 year term of office and these elections are carried out via a block branch vote in accordance with ASLEF rule. The Company Council work as a collective body. Your current Company Council Representatives were TUPE'D over from their previous companies and it is envisaged that the above constituency's will remain intact.

Our Mission

Is to represent every driver on East Midlands Trains to the best of our ability and to always listen to you the membership. We will endeavour to attend as many Branch meetings as possible and hold surgery days at Depots in the messroom in an effort to keep the membership fully informed of current events and issues.

Company Profile

East Midlands trains has been formed from the former Central Trains, Midland Mainline and Maintrain Neville Hill.

 It has in the region of 355 drivers, operating around 450 trains a day across England.

 There are traincrew depots at Boston, Derby, Lincoln, London St Pancras, Neville Hill, Norwich and Nottingham.